Your Hard Drive WILL Fail (And How To Prevent It)

Almost all of the computers in use today are still using mechanical hard drives.  Although these drives work well and can last a long time, the fact is that they have moving parts that will break eventually.

How they work

Hard drives are made up of an “arm” that reads the data and a spinning “plate,” where the data is stored.  The plate spins really fast and the arm moves back over the surface of the plate to write and read data to and from it.

If the arm gets knocked out of position or the plate is not spinning at the correct speed, you cannot access your data.  Or even worse, if the arm damages the plate, your data is gone forever.

So how can you prevent a hard drive failure?

If you are using a desktop computer, make sure that your computer is a well ventilated area so that your computer does not overheat and cause unnecessarily strain on your hard drive.  Also, be sure to use a surge protector to prevent damage to your computer in the event of power spikes.

If you have a laptop, do not drop it or expose it to excessive vibrations.  Keep it in a padded case or bag. Use a portable surge protector to protect your laptop when you are on the road.  If you need one right away, we have them available in our store. We’ll be glad to help you with all your travel needs to ensure your hard drive is protected.

How can I tell if my hard drive is failing?

Western Digital 1TB Portable Backup Drive

You can tell that a hard drive is about to fail if you hear unusual noises coming from the drive, especially clicking.  If that is happening, do not delay!

You could only have a couple of hours before your drive crashes.

Backup all your data immediately.  If you do not have a backup drive, go and get one.  You could lose all your pictures, music and documents.

Think of all the irreplaceable pictures of your family and trips you have taken; the countless hours that you spent finding music to download; and all the important documents that are on your computer.  They could all be gone in an instant!

This is a drive that we recommend. Be sure to buy a backup drive that is the same size or larger than the size of the hard drive on your computer.

If you would like us to setup a backup for you, bring your computer to our store and we will be happy to help you.

If my drive does crash, can I get the data back?

Maybe.  Bring your computer down to our store and we can see if the data from the drive is recoverable.

If the drive is really badly damaged and we cannot recover the data, you will have to send it away to a data extraction service.  They physically open the drive and try to read the data on the plate.  There is no guarantee that this will work and you could pay thousands of dollars just to get them to look at it.

So the bottom line is to get your computer backed up now and back it up periodically.  It is a small price to pay to avoid a lot of headache later.

Because it’s not a matter of if your hard drive will fail, it’s a matter of when.

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