What’s the Difference Between Different Web Browsers

Long gone are the days of Internet Explorer being the only available web browser.  These days Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari have joined the battle to be your main web browser.  In this blog post we hope that you will learn about browsers that you haven’t used and maybe find one that better suits your needs.

Internet Explorer is the default browser that comes installed on most, if not all, PCs.  IE has a very sophisticated tab management system, which is very helpful for people who like to have several pages open at once.  Also, it provides a stable application that does not crash very often.  However, IE typically takes longer to load web pages than other browsers, and only supports the Windows operating system.

Google Chrome is quickly becoming a very popular option known for its speed and simplicity.  The “omnibar” combines your regular address bar with your search bar, allowing you to type in URLs and Google searches in the same place.  Chrome is a very powerful web browser, and is definitely a browser that is worth a look.

Mozilla Firefox is known for its vast array of add-ons that add to the web-browsing experience.  Their selection of add-ons and extensions, such as AdBlockerPlus, can revolutionize the way that you use the Internet.  Firefox is also well-known for its stability, but its start up process is not as fast as Chrome’s.

Safari is the default web browser installed on Macs, and is known for its simple and non-flashy approach.  By removing unnecessary bells and whistles, Safari loads pages very quickly and is perfect for users that do not ask a lot of their web browsers.  However, it sacrifices a lot of the customization that other browsers provide.

Web browsers are all about personal preference, so try out browsers that you’ve never used before.  You may find that certain features are more important to you than others, and you may be able to enhance your web browsing experience.  If you are one of many people who have only used the default Internet Explorer all your life, you should definitely explore using a different browser. The worst that could happen is that you find that you still prefer IE.  Most likely, you’ll find that another browser provides a better Internet experience for you and you’ll never go back.

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