What kind of computer should I buy?

This is a question that we hear a lot and I thought this post would be helpful.  There are basically two things to consider when purchasing a new computer.

What you will use it for?

The average person just uses their computer for email, surfing the internet and working on spreadsheets or word processing.  If this describes you, then almost any new computer will do.

If you use more complex programs, you should find out what the minimum computer requirements of those programs are and purchase accordingly.  Generally speaking, unless you are doing heavy duty graphics or video editing, almost any brand new computer will be able to handle it.


Computers are such a commodity that you will always be able to get a new computer at an affordable price.  Shop around to find the best deal.


We recommend the following brands of desktop and laptop computers:


Key components

For most people, the two things you should look for are hard drive capacity and memory or RAM.

If you are going to store a lot of pictures or music, then get as big a hard drive as you can afford.  For email and surfing the web, the basic hard drive size will be fine.

In terms of memory, you should look for a minimum of 2GB, with 4 GB being a good balance between price and performance.  Memory is the primary component that determines your computer speed, so more is better.

New or used?

Unless you know computers really well, it is almost always a better idea to buy a new computer.  Not only will you get the latest technology, you will not potentially inherit problems like viruses or broken hardware.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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