What is a Router?

We hear this question all the time and thought it would be a good topic to address on this blog.

A router can be thought of as the Traffic Cops of the internet.  They take the information coming from your modem (DSL, Cable, etc.) and make sure they get to the right computer in your home or office.

Internet¬† –> modem –> router –> computers

And vice versa, they take the information that your computer sends and sends it out to the right place on the internet.

Computers –> router –> modem –> internet

So you only need a router if you have more than one computer that you want to connect to the internet or you want to connect to the internet wirelessly via a wireless modem.

Computers (wireless) –> router –>¬† modem –> internet

Otherwise, if you only have one computer and will not be connecting wirelessly, you can plug your computer directly into your modem.


If you have any questions about what brands of routers we recommend or ones that fit your specific needs feel free to leave a comment below.

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