Tips on Virus Prevention

These days, the Internet can be used to complete a variety of tasks..  It allows us to pay bills online, talk to friends and family across the country, and shop without leaving our bed.  However, as our Internet usage increases, so does the risk of our computers becoming infected with a virus that we got through the Internet.  We all know not to click on overtly suspicious links that promise a million dollars, but what else can you do to avoid getting a virus?

The first thing that you should do is to install a reliable, trusted anti-virus program.  By using a solid anti-virus program, you have installed a strong first layer of defense for your computer.  You should also install a firewall that screens what comes into your computer, whether it be your internet surfing or emails you receive.

However, just installing the anti-virus program isn’t enough.  You should also either schedule or manually perform scans of your computer on a regular basis.  Doing so allows you to quarantine and get rid of any files that have been infected.  You should also install updates provided by trusted sources such as Microsoft, as they typically provide patches that fix dangerous vulnerabilities that they have discovered.

You can also protect your computer by being smart about what you view and download on the Internet.  Always be careful when downloading anything, and only download files from sites that you can trust.  If a link or attachment looks suspicious, be very careful before opening it, or better yet, don’t open it at all.

It only takes one click of the wrong link for your computer to become infected, so you should always be on your guard, especially when dealing with downloads, links and attachments.  If something looks even remotely fishy, be absolutely sure that it is legitimate before opening it.  As hackers become smarter and more sophisticated in their techniques, you must remain just as vigilant in protecting your computer.

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