Custom Webpage vs. DIY Approach

With the rise of the Internet, having a web presence is vital to today’s businesses.  However, many companies struggle to decide whether or not to spend the money required to have a custom website designed for them or to go with the low-cost, DIY approach.  If you are struggling with this issue, this blog should help you see the pros and cons of each approach.

One of the most important things that come with a custom website is the fact that your website is unique.  A webpage designer personally created the layout for your website, so your website is not only built to your needs, but is also not similar to anyone else’s.  When you go with the DIY approach, you are typically using a template that is commonly used by other websites, which may give your website a cookie-cutter feel.  This may make your website look cheap and turn customers off of doing business with you.

However, something that the DIY approach provides that the custom webpage doesn’t is the ability to easily change your website.  You designed it, so there is not a bunch of coding that you do not understand that you have to deal with.  Unless you are pretty knowledgeable on HTML and CSS coding, you are generally stuck with your webpage layout and design.  When you take the DIY approach, you can generally easily change the layout and design to adapt to new needs, but keep in mind that you will probably still be using some sort of template.

The main thing to consider is what you expect to get out of your website.  If you need a website with a lot of customized bells and whistles, you should probably not be taking on that project yourself.  On the other hand, no matter how nice of a website you could get if you had a webpage customized to your needs, if you don’t have the budget for it, the DIY approach is your only option.  While a customized website can incur a large cost, you should remember that a website is an important investment, and a template-based website that you designed yourself could end up costing you money in sales.  There is no one right answer for everyone, so you should be sure to understand what option is right for you.

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