Lengthen the Life of your Computer


Just like a car, you can extend the life of your computer by taking small steps to maintain the health and performance of your computer. We are going to run through a few of the simpler steps that you can take to keep your computer in great shape.

One of the smartest things you can [...]


Tips on Virus Prevention

Error Message

These days, the Internet can be used to complete a variety of tasks.. It allows us to pay bills online, talk to friends and family across the country, and shop without leaving our bed. However, as our Internet usage increases, so does the risk of our computers becoming infected with a virus that we got [...]


How to Secure your Wireless Network


We have previously posted a blog about the benefits and risks of wireless networks. One of the main risks was the potential for data to get intercepted on a wireless network, mainly when it is unsecured. In this blog post we hope to give you a few tips that will keep your data secure when [...]


How to create a secure password

Key in lock

These days, the Internet is a huge part of our everyday lives. We all have many accounts that we use, from our email to eBay, and passwords that we have to remember. As we can access more of our sensitive data through the Internet, creating a strong password to keep intruders away from our personal [...]


Water, Water, Everywhere…On My Computer! What To Do If This Happens


One of the most frequent problems that we see when people come in to get their laptops fixed is that they have spilled coffee or another liquid on the laptop.

In this post, we will give you a few tips on what to do if this happens and how to do some simple tests to [...]