Commonly Used Technological Terms

With the rise of the Internet and the lightning-fast gains in technology have come a lot of terms that are often used and recognized, but not fully understood.  While many of you may have a general idea of what some of these terms mean, these terms are often difficult even for us to fully understand.  I hope that this blog post helps you to get a better grasp of what these terms mean so that you can gain more from conversations or articles that use them.

Defragmentation-You will often see this term used when it comes to taking care of your computer.  In fact, we’ve mentioned this term in a previous blog post regarding computer tuneups.  Defragmentation is the process in which files and programs are reorganized so that everything from one file/program is in one location.  Over time, bits and pieces of files and programs start to get disorganized, and defragmentation puts the data back together, allowing your computer to run faster and more smoothly.

SEO or search engine optimization-This term is often used when it comes to blogging as well as other types of websites.  SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your site in non-paid searches, and is used by webpage owners and designers to generate views for their website through search results.

SSD or solid state drives-These are often brought up when discussing new developments in computer hardware or ways to upgrade your computer.   A solid state drive is a data storage device that uses an integrated circuit.  The key difference between SSDs and the hard disk drives that you are used to is the fact that SSDs have no moving parts.   There is no spinning disk or read/write heads, which allows SSDs to be faster, quieter and less susceptible to physical shock.  These are typically more expensive than hard disk drives per unit of storage, but prices have been dropping as the technology becomes more prevalent.

VOIP or voice over internet protocol-While VOIP is not a new technology, it has become a lot more prevalent in recent years.  Also known as internet telephony, VOIP is the technology that allows phone calls to be made over computer networks such as the Internet, as opposed to using typical phone networks.  Your conversation travels through digital packets across the internet instead of as analog voice data.  VOIP is very useful for making long-distance calls as there is typically no extra charge, unlike when using typical phone networks.

If there are any other tech terms that you don’t really understand, please leave us a comment below and we will be happy to help you out.

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